Thursday, January 1, 2009

my trip to pheonix!-reflections for 2009

man pheonix got me thinking like maybe i should live on my own. it got me thinking like damn i would be so happy away from california for a lil and meet some new people. after reflecting in my cousins guessroom of her 5 bedroom 3 bath mansion (lmfao), it got me thinking maybe i could go to school out there or anywhere else and be happy, successful and just live life. living in california for 20 years got me depressed, friend problems, thinking of suicide and i think its time for a change. its 2009 im going to try my HARDEST to get out of cali. its time to think about myself for once and what makes me happy. im looking forward to what the future has in store because lord knows i need a break and breakway from this shy cage i been in for years.

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